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Ananda Yoga School Teacher Training, Yoga Education Program, and Hot Yoga Studio is designed to foster your knowledge and voice as an effective teacher, and welcomes all levels of students to participate in the Ananda Community.
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Monday - Friday 09:00AM - 22:00PM
Saturday 09:00AM - 06:00PM
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Last Class: December 22nd - Studio Closing: December 31st


Welcome to Hot Yoga Bradford

Yoga as a regular practice helps in daily life as it brings balance, relaxation, discipline, happiness, and a sense of peace in everyday lives. At Hot Yoga Bradford, our team focuses on letting go of ego and opening up to the beauty of life and the world at large. Our humble studio offers a comforting environment where all feel warm and part of our yoga family. Kim and her team re-opened the doors December 1, 2016. The studio offers unheated, lightly-heated, and hot classes to all levels of practice with the philosophy of uniting and connecting to the breath. Hot Yoga Bradford is an excellent place to relax, rejuvenate, and simply enjoy time for self-care.

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hot yoga bradford
hot yoga bradford
Healthy and Flexible Mind and Body.

The heat warms up the muscles and increases your range of flexibility and aids in preventing injury. Hot yoga accelerates calorie burn, and provides enhanced cardiovascular fitness; improves your immune system; slows the aging process; increases your strength and flexibility; lowers your blood pressure; reduces stress; controls and aids in weight lose; detoxifying effect on the bladder, skin and other organs; enhances spiritual well-being.

hot yoga bradford
Discover Yourself with Hot Yoga

Each instructor brings their own styles and experiences to each yoga class. Our classes are designed to be enjoyed by all levels. Our classes are a powerful learning experiences in which you will literally discover your body, how it works, and what it can do. Classes are designed to give you the time and support to understand the proper alignment of Yoga asanas (postures) and breathing techniques by focusing on basics, but it doesn’t stop there

hot yoga teacher training
Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

With extensive knowledge, our experienced teachers offer an incredible combination of teaching techniques that allows all students to integrate the skills they learn. This training combines history, philosophy, asana (movement), pranayama, meditation, anatomy and more! Students are eligible to receive tax credits for our Yoga Teacher Training program.

Class Schedule

Our Hot Yoga classes are on a first come, first serve basis - you can login to mindbody and reserve your seat or you can drop in for each class. Take a look at our schedule below and find a class that works for you!

Class Passes For All Lifestyles

Looking for the right membership at Ananda Yoga Studio's Bradford? There are many styles to fit your schedule, whatever that may be. Speak to one of our staff members to discuss which may be the right membership for you.

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Voices From the Ananda Community

I took a Hot Ashtanga class here at 11am, and I can't recall what my teacher's name was... I may have been in utopic bliss at that moment, but I was so, so thrilled to be in that class. There were only 4 of us, probably thanks to the timing, but it was great because we all got a perfect amount of attention to detail and personal tips in positions. I'm not extremely flexible, but I felt encouraged, not pressured to take each step further in the posture. The class was captivating, and fun without losing focus of our goal. What a perfect way to kick-start the day. This is a new studio in the heart of Aurora (I know, it's hella far), but totally worth that long drive. I know what we need more of in the city now. The staff here looked like they really enjoy what they do and there was a comraderie completely missing from certain soulless yoga schools in the GTA. Also, judging by the waiting area at the back of the studio, it seems to have wedged itself into a welcoming community. What a fabulous, noteworthy school. If I lived in the area, I'd be there everyday.

Roma M


From seasonal affective disorder to dry skin, winter can ravage the body in unpleasant ways, and at this point in the year, staring down three more months of snow, more snow, and then slush, it can feel as though there's no end in sight. Fortunately, the good people at Hot Yoga Aurora are offering a brief respite from the cold with an evening of, well, extreme heat. Every Sunday, from 8 to 9 p.m., the studio hosts hot yoga classes free of charge -- the caveat being that participants are asked to make a PWYC cash donation to Plan Canada -- it's called the "Karma Class" for a reason. It's also called hot (or bikram) yoga for a reason: temperatures in the class can reach 40C, which may sound daunting, but the heat only serves to further relax muscles, purge toxins and improve lung capacity. Physical activity, high temperatures and a little bit of soul-warming selflessness -- consider it a triple threat to the winter blahs.

Rebecca Tucker

National Post

Over this journey to Olympic excellence, I have learned that to be successful in sport, you need to treat your body like an engine or machine. For a machine to run properly, it not only needs the right fuel but routine maintenance. For maintenance, I like to do hot yoga. With focus on my hips and core, I find that hot yoga really helps me release and lengthen these muscles so I am prepared for my next training session, and competition.

John Hastings


I suffer from inflammatory arthritis, particularly in my left foot however I had a check up with my Rheumatologist yesterday and all my inflammation is gone! I still have pain but that's from the damage done during the activity of the disease but he couldn't believe there was no inflammation anywhere! I will swear that it is from doing yoga. That's the only thing that's changed over the last year for me. Just thought you would like to hear that and if you know any other arthritis sufferers, tell them to keep doing it!

Alison Fortier

Hot Yoga Aurora's Yoga for Fertility series is beneficial to women looking for support and yoga that works for fertility. The fertility yoga helped me gain strength in mind and body towards my goals. I looked forward to the classes which improved and enhanced my experience. Melissa's positive words and supportive guidance helped to encourage relaxation and balance during your body's journey into fertility.

Jen Brundage

For 6.5 years @anandayogastudios has been my happy place; my escape; and where I did my most honest unburdened growing and healing. I would not know myself the way I do without this beautiful space and the warm souls I found there. I am so sad to see your doors closing but could not be more grateful for all I learned. I wish all my fellow yogis a blessed journey as you find your new 'home'. I hope to cross paths with you again. From my light to yours, Namaste.

Lorie Tutt

The first place I ever did yoga, the first place I ever taught. A place of transformation and support, I am forever grateful to have been apart of such an amazing community. Xo

Shanna Wilton

As longwinded and wordy as I can be, words just won't capture the experience of homecoming that I had with Ananda Aurora. Like all the biggest, most poignant spiritual moments, it's ineffable. Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3

Sienna Warecki